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Not many holes, but a difference in offensive philosophy..?

on Saturday, May 06, 2017

Crimson Tide Football:

Alabama has work to do on its offensive line, and after a coaching-duty shuffle, there could be as many as four new starters on the line – either former starters working at new positions or completely new names.

For now lets take a look at the QB position

Returning: Jalen Hurts, Montana Murphy - (Walk On) - New: Tua Tagovailoa, Mac Jones;

A lot of what happens here involves new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and his analyst staff. While Daboll has coached quarterbacks in the past (most notably Brett Favre during his time with the New York Jets), pure QB coaching is not Daboll’s long suit. 

He’s a tight ends coach and offensive schematics guy by trade and was brought in specifically to “make the 'O' mean”. As such, Alabama is expected to go back to the offense it ran pre-Lane Kiffin, which was heavy on two-TE looks and direct, downhill running games. 

The New England Patriots, Daboll’s most recent employer, are not exempt from the spread phenomenon but in Boston, those concepts are confined mostly to the route trees and the draw game within the rushing attack. All that is to say that Daboll’s wheelhouse is a different kind of offense from the one either Jalen Hurts or Tua Tagovailoa has most of their strengths banked in. 

If anything, Mac Jones may have gone from a satellite’s orbit to right in the thick of things, at least for the backup job. It’s unlikely Tagovailoa or Jones will unseat Hurts, but competition for the second-string job will be fierce. 

Walk-on Montana Murphy has experience in the system, but the others have more raw skills. This will be an interesting position to watch during the spring, but ultimately, don’t look for a change at the top.

The only potential problem being, can either QB learn a new system - by the start of the season?

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