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NCAA Softball Regional's, Seeding's and Placement are Dumb...

on Thursday, May 18, 2017

Crimson Tide Softball:

This is not 'Controversial' it's plain out 'STUPID' then again it's the NCAA...!

The Minnesota Gopher's 54-3 overall and 22-1 in the Big 10 and ranked #2 before the seeding's were released and #1 after! 

Question: Why are they not hosting a Regional?

Either the Big10 teams were really-really BAD, although they placed 5 teams in the Tournament, or they just knocked each other off, with the exception of the Gopher's! 

After looking at their Conf. standings, it's easy to see how the seeding's were attained!
Their best team record wise was Michigan, after Minnesota, and they had a 41-11-1 record.

The Gopher's beat L.S.U. early, along with a lot of west coast teams, which pulls weight with the polls, although evidently not the NCAA seeding committee!

Team pairings were determined by geographic proximity, with the exception that teams from the same conference were not paired during regional competition."

So why is Minnesota in the Tuscaloosa regional?
Lexington, KY - Knoxville, TN - Norman, OK - Oxford, MS - All are closer to the Gopher's Campus!

By the way it would be closer for Wisconsin to play in the Tuscaloosa Regional, instead of the Eugene, OR Regional, the same with Michigan being in the Seattle Regional!

Tuscaloosa Regional – May 19-21 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Minnesota (54-3) vs. Louisiana Tech (37-22)
Albany (NY) (27-16) vs. No. 16 seed Alabama* (42-16)

Here is an interactive Bracket - CLICK-CLICK

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