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Who will the back-up QB be for Bama this Year...?

on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Crimson Tide Spring Football:

Unless Nick Saban is keeping a very big state secret, unless Tua Tagovailoa is already better than Aaron Rodgers or Mac Jones is the next AJ McCarron, the starting quarterback job will not be up for grabs Saturday during Alabama's A-Day Game.

SEC offensive player of the year Jalen Hurts is back, and we've heard nothing from Saban to make us think the sophomore is in danger of losing his starting job to either of the talented early enrollees.

It makes sense that Saban and Daboll would want to see what happens Saturday and during fall camp to make any quarterback decisions beyond choosing a starter. 

In any case, all eyes at the spring game will be on Tagovailoa and Jones.

Everyone loves the backup quarterbacks, especially when they're freshmen fresh out of the box.

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