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Did HC Nick Saban lob the Grenade back at Kiffin...?

on 4/22/2017

Crimson Tide Football:

Nick Saban participated in a radio interview on Thursday morning, something the University of Alabama football coach does only a few times a year if you exclude his own in-season show.

As always, Saban’s interview with WJOX-FM in Birmingham was substantive — the rants, real or contrived, get all the attention but a Saban Q-and-A usually produces more substance and straight talk than some college coaches share in several seasons.

The topic turned, naturally, to quarterbacks — and suddenly the interpretation was that America’s favorite college football soap opera,
“Nick and Lane,” was on again.

When Saban talked about “protecting” Jalen Hurts down the stretch of the 2016 season and not
“developing” him as a passer, some people took that as a veiled shot at Lane Kiffin.

The theory was Saban was lobbing a grenade back at Kiffin, now the Florida Atlantic head coach, who has done a handful of interviews from Boca Raton that have characterized his time in Tuscaloosa as a sort of three-year forced labor sentence in Siberia.

So was this really a retaliatory strike from Saban?

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