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Crimson Gets The Steak & White Gets The Beans & Franks...

on Sunday, April 23, 2017

Crimson Tide 'A-Day Game':

JK Scott's 30-yard field goal on the final play of the game gave the Crimson team a 27-24 win over the White team in the 2017 Golden Flake A-¬Day Spring Game Saturday before a crowd of 74,326 at Bryant-¬Denny Stadium.

Scott's field goal capped a last-minute 58-yard drive in eight plays engineered by quarterback Jalen Hurts to complete a come-from-behind victory for the Crimson which trailed by 14 points twice in the first half.

The format for the A¬-Day game was much like a normal game, with a few minor variations primarily regarding the game clock.

The game consisted of four 15¬minute quarters with a running clock. The clock stopped only following scoring plays, penalties, and changes of possession. 

Regular clock rules were used during the final minutes of the second quarter and the fourth quarter. Halftime was 12 minutes in duration.

Players wearing black jerseys (quarterbacks and injured players) were considered "tag¬off" and were not treated as live players. 

The kickoffs and kick returns were "tag¬off" plays as well, with the ball spotted at the 30¬yard line.

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