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This is Johnson's time to go full Wimp on the Wildcat's - does his team have enough...?

on 3/11/2017

      Crimson Tide Men's Basketball:

If you have any ambition as a basketball program in the Southeastern Conference, to get where you want to go, you have to take the road less traveled.

You have to go through Kentucky - Kentucky is the gold standard!

Kentucky is the bully who wants to take your lunch money. Kentucky is old money that likes to step over street urchins on its way to more gold.

That was true yesterday and it surely will be true tomorrow, although today, Kentucky is the only thing standing between the Tide and the SEC Tournament championship game, between the Tide and an NCAA Tournament play-in game, between Avery Johnson and the biggest game of his young college coaching career.

The last time the Crimson Tide beat Kentucky in the SEC Tournament, it was the second round of 1983. Sanderson was just beginning to put his stamp on the event. Johnson was a high school senior, leading St. Augustine of New Orleans to a state title.

The way the Tide has played through two victories in Nashville, the 'Cats might want to heed Johnson's slogan and buckle up.

Think about it this way. Johnson has a shot to go full Wimp on the Wildcats. Somewhere the Man from Plaid has to be scowling at the thought, which is nothing but a compliment.

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