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Proposed NCAA rule would outlaw leaping over lineman to block extra point or field goal...

on Monday, March 06, 2017

NCAA Football:

Those jaw-dropping plays we've seen by Zach Cunningham and A'Shawn Robinson in recent years   might soon be a thing of the past.

  The NCAA Football Rules Committee on Friday announced three new rules proposals, one of which   would outlaw leaping over a lineman to block an extra point or field goal. Until, players could do so   as long as they did not land on an opposing player.

  Cunningham performed the feat last year, blocking a field goal late in the game against Auburn.

  Robinson did it in 2015, blocking an extra point against LSU.

  Another new rules proposal would force players to wear knee pads and pants covering their knees. Players' pants have begun to   creep upward in recent years, to an often ridiculous extent!

  The third rule change would extend the horse-collar tackle rule to include the nameplate area on the jersey. Currently, the horse   collar tackle -- which results in a 15-yard penalty -- includes only the gap between the shoulder pads and the neck area.

  "Our committee's most significant charge is to enhance the health and safety of our student-athletes when possible,"
said Bob   Nielson, chair of the committee and coach at South Dakota. "Each of these rules changes address areas that help us accomplish this   goal."

  The proposed changes still face approval from the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel, which meets April 19.

  The NCAA also announced that the targeting rule will remain unchanged in 2017. There was "considerable discussion" about   making adjustments, however.

  "The change we have witnessed in player behavior has been significantly positive," Nielson said. "The adjustment made last year to   allow the replay official to examine all aspects of the targeting rule was a positive change."

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