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• Alabama Crimson Tide 2018 Season Opener •
• Alabama Crimson Tide • vs Louisville Cardinals •
• September 1st, 2018 • 8:00 p.m. ET •

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After getting some sleep, here's my two cents...

on Thursday, January 12, 2017

Crimson Tide Football:

First, after sleeping on it, I'm at peace with the game. Since the late 70's Bama is something like 7-1 in "title games." Not bad.

But to the point of the post. We know defense wins championships, but that's only true when the offense does it part. 

It's ironic that in a season when we probably were as good or better than any Bama defense I've ever seen, we ultimately lost it all because we couldn't produce on offense.

1. We couldn't convert 3rd downs and grind the clock. In this game, that was the ultimate issue. We actually scored enough points to win, typically, but not against DW and this Clemson team.

2. We couldn't keep the defense off balance by being able to run and pass. All game, (well at least when Bo broke his leg), they were jumping the short routes knowing we couldn't do anything else and they were loading the box daring us to pass.

3. As a result, our dynamic receivers (with the exception of OJ's long TD) were reduced to nothing. Stewart's biggest impact play was a pass, ironically. Ridley was basically not a factor. This will go down as the biggest waste of talent at Bama in any unit I can remember (That's over a 60 year period of watching the Crimson Tide).

4. For a failure to do #1, we let their offense run 99 plays and the 'D' was gassed. Ironically, they did to our defense, what we usually do to defenses.

5. And my biggest fear is this. In choosing to go this philosophical route of dual threat QB's, we will be at the mercy of the limitations of his passing skills, this is where Sark needs to work hard with Hurts. The inability to complete downfield passes may put us back in this position again.

So, let the debate begin, has CNS set sail on a sea of Dual-Threat QB's to never look back, OR was this a pretty successful trip that ultimately fell a few plays short that will cause us to return to our traditional roots of running the ball???

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