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A Boy Named Andrew and a College Football Coach Named Saban...!

on Monday, January 16, 2017

Crimson Tide - Nick Saban - The Man:

A boy named Andrew, who lives in Atlanta, is a typical 13 year old boy. He loves sports and actually made the Atlanta area select baseball team as a lefty pitcher. 

He is a huge Bama fan.

Unfortunately, since he was very young Andrew has battled severe kidney and stomach problems. He has had over 25 surgeries, most recently the week of the playoff semi-final in, of course, Atlanta.

The week of the game both Bama and Washington were visiting local hospitals.

Andrew was ecstatic about the chance to possibly meet Coach Saban.

As it turned out however, Washington visited Andrew's hospital while Bama visited another.
Andrew was extremely disappointed.

The son of a Bama fan
told his best friend what happened. 

That friend worked his way through college at Bama by working in the recruiting office. He gave Josh the email address of Coach Saban's secretary and told him he should write her and tell her what happened. 

Well, long story short that fan, did indeed write.

About three days after Bama had defeated Washington a package was delivered to Andrew in the hospital. It was from Coach Saban. 

It contained a Bama cap and other Bama goodies, an autographed picture of Coach Saban that said "Roll Tide Andrew! Be Strong" Nick Saban"...and finally it contained..........two tickets to the national championship game.

That week Andrew was released from his hospital on Thursday and he and his Dad flew to Tampa to enjoy the game. It didn't turn out the way he wanted of course but he was thrilled to death to get the package and the tickets.

Coach Saban is a great football coach but the size of his heart often goes un-noticed by many. I wanted to post this so all could know how good of a person our coach really is.

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