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'Huskie' fans wanted the 'Elephant' and they got their wish....

on Friday, December 23, 2016

Crimson Tide:

Since Alabama has claimed four national championships in seven years, people around the country have come to recognize and accept - reluctantly - the Crimson Tide's reign over the world of college football.

The natural response from opposing fan bases has often been to challenge Alabama's supremacy, sometimes in jocular fashion. Hence, the creation of the "We want Bama" signs that have been around since the Tide began forging its most recent dynasty.
Far, far away in Washington, a Huskies fan held up a placard with that message in September during a Week 1 rout of Rutgers. Months later, that enthusiastic supporter was granted that wish. 

The top-ranked Tide and No. 4 Huskies will face off on New Year's Eve in the College Football Playoff semifinal round. When the pairing was announced on ESPN, Washington coach Chris Petersen said with a demure smile, "I didn't hold that sign up."

After all, he knows the challenge Alabama presents. The Tide has won 25 straight games and outscored opponents 527-153 this season, reinforcing its standing as the premier program in the Football Bowl Subdivision. Which is why the "We Want Bama" signs exist in the first place.

"I've seen it before and it's kind of a compliment towards us, people saying they want to play us and want to compete against us," said defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick.

As the legend of Alabama has grown, people have conjured up fantastical scenarios that only enhance the idea the Tide is indomitable. In a recent video game simulation by EA Sports, Alabama crushed the NFL's Cleveland Browns, 34-0.

"I don't think that would be a real score in actual life," the Tide's left guard, Ross Pierschbacher, said. 
But Alabama has managed to stretch the imagination with its sheer might to the point that fans from other schools hope to play the seemingly invincible Tide.
"We're at the number one spot right now and everyone wants to knock off the number one," center Bradley Bozeman said.

The next challenger is Washington, whose own supporters dreamed of taking on college football's leviathan.

As Petersen said during that interview on ESPN, "Sometimes you gotta be careful what you wish for."

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