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BCS Ranking's vs CFP Ranking's...

on Thursday, December 01, 2016

Crimson Tide Football:

Barring an upset from Florida in Saturday's SEC title game, that doesn't figure to change in the only version of these rankings that count. That verdict will be read Sunday morning after the conference championship games.

And though there has been considerable debate in the first two years of the playoff era, this Sunday's decision figures to be the most dramatic of selections. Deserving teams will almost certainly miss out because there are only so many seats at the table.

All eight of the semifinalists in the first two years of the playoff were conference champions. No. 2 Ohio State won't play for the Big Ten crown Saturday, though. A pair of two-loss teams -- Wisconsin and Penn State -- get that honor since the Nittany Lions handed the Buckeyes their only loss.

The selection committee doesn't have required criteria to select the teams who'll play for a national championship. The current structure is much different from, say, its predecessor.

But, if they punted and used the old BCS formula, how would that playoff field look? 

The Twitter account @BCSKnowHow did the calculations as to how the BCS standings would appear this week.

Coaches PollAnd/HestBillingsleyColleyMasseyWolfeSagarin
1. Alabama 1. Alabama 1. Alabama 1. Alabama 1. Alabama 1. Alabama 1. Alabama
2. Ohio State 2. Ohio State 2. Ohio State 2. Ohio State 2. Ohio State 2. Ohio State 2. Ohio State
3. Clemson 3. Clemson 3. Washington 3. Clemson 3. Washington 3. Clemson 3. Michigan
4. Wash. 4. Michigan 4. Clemson 4. Michigan 4. USC 4. Washington 4. Clemson
5. Wisconsin 5. Wisconsin 5. Wisconsin 5. Washington 5. Michigan 5. Michigan 5. Washington
6. Michigan 6. Penn State 6. W. Michigan 6. Wisconsin 6. Wisconsin 6. Wisconsin 6. Oklahoma
7. Oklahoma 7. Washington 7. Michigan 7. Penn State 7. Clemson 7. Colorado 7. Wisconsin
8. Penn State 13. Penn State 8. Penn State

Bottom line:
Clemson is in with an ACC title game win over Virginia Tech.
Alabama is likely in regardless of what happens in Atlanta.
Washington, No. 4 this week, plays Colorado for the Pac-12 title.
A Husky win would make it hard to keep a conference champion out over a two-loss Big Ten champion or one-loss Ohio State.

It would be either Ohio State and the Big Ten champ or Washington and one of those Big Ten options.

The BCS took the second option with the Buckeyes in over the league champion.

A loss from either or Clemson or Washington ... and who knows?

Either way, Sunday's going to be interesting.

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